What Is Hair Transplantation
Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that replace the hair from densed part to the bald spot of the body.

Hair follicles are extracted from the back and the side of the head. The hair in the donor site is genetically resistant to balding. Thus, the hair follicles which are transplanted keep their genetical code after they are moved to the bald spot.

Hair transplantation is simply not the procedure of planting the hair itself. The hair is a nonliving structure. Providing that the hair is only planted, it wouldn't extend after a while and then come off. Therefore, the hair is extracted with its  follicle and planted. Follicle is an organism/structure that produces hair.

Sebaceous gland  in which the hair exists produces fat and makes the scalp and hair fat. Outside the sebaceous land are specific muscle fibres.

For that reason, transplanting hair must be extracted with its follicle in order to grow permanently after it is planted.

Hair transplantation is performed with local anesthesia. There is no pain, during and after the surgery. Following the surgery, you can carry on your daily activities.